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Karma Koin - The Online Game Card

Tired of filling and giving your credit card details over and over again? Say hello to the newest and coolest online payment solution called the Karma Koin! After purchasing an Karma Koin gift card, the PIN will be delivered to you by e-mail. Please follow the instructions in the e-mail to use the PIN.

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Karma Koin Giftcard $50
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Why Should I Use Karma Koin?

Karma Koin gives you the possibility to purchase games and music online without the need of using credit cards! Buy your Karma Koin online through USA Prepaid and use it just like any other payment method on the games you want. How does it work? The simple rule is that you exchange your cash into a virtual currency (Karma Koin) and as a cherry on the pie, you make a good deed each time you use your Koin. Curious to find out more?

Like mentioned before, as you use your Koins, you make a good impact on the world. This is because each that time you use your Karma Koin, 1% is allocated to charity purposes. Basically, one Koin at a time you are making a positive change in the world. So just keep gaming, you are doing good work!

Karma Koin is also the easiest way to forget the need of a credit card. These days, many people appreciate protecting their identity and payment information. It’s perfectly understandable since the online world can sometimes be a bit unknown and even scary. USA Prepaid wants to support your safety and privacy, that’s why we have added the Karma Koin online gift cards to our selection. Also, we absolutely love the fact that game by game our Karma Koin customers can make good things happen in this world.

What Can I Use My Karma Koin For?

Karma Koin can be used on many popular online games. Below you can see a list of examples of games where you can use your Karma Koin online.

Many popular games are accepting Karma Koin payment!

  • Dungeon Fighter Online
  • Allods Online
  • Silkroad Online
  • Farmerama
  • Wolfteam
  • World of Tanks
  • CrossFire
  • Warframe
  • Fantage
  • Elsword
  • Combat Arms
  • Rakion
  • Seafight
  • Dragon Nest
  • Dark Orbit
  • World of Warplanes
  • MapleStory
  • Grand Chase
  • TalesRunner
  • Vindictus
  • Drakensang Online
  • MU Online
  • Mabinogi
  • APB Reloaded
  • Rappelz
  • CABAL Online

Next to these you can also use the Koins on some music services mentioned below:

  • Liquid Spins
  • Musicshake

Karma Koin is gaining its popularity and new game and service options might appear monthly! USA Prepaid offers Karma Koin cards for $10, $25 and $50. Choose the value you would like to have and start gaming!

How Do I Redeem My Karma Koin?

While other gift cards and vouchers are redeemed to an account affiliated with the store the card is for, such as iTunes or Google Play, Karma Koin works a little differently. You do not need to create an account like the others.

Think of Karma Koin more like a prepaid Visa or other credit card. When you purchase a Karma Koin online, you are exchanging your cash for digital currency to be used at the place of business of your choosing. This allows you to provide payment for goods and services without the use of your credit card. In addition to this convenience, like we mentioned earlier, Karma Koin also donates 1% of each purchase to charities to promote positive change around the world!