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Unlock all the possibilities and feel the beats with Spotify Premium. After purchasing an Spotify Gift Card, the PIN will be delivered to you by e-mail. Please follow the instructions in the e-mail to use the PIN.

Spotify Giftcard $10
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Spotify Giftcard $30
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Prepaid Spotify Gift Card

You can buy Spotify Premium through USA Prepaid without any worries of monthly charges. For these gift cards, you pay just once which after you can redeem the code for upgrading to Spotify Premium. Depending on your gift card’s value, you can enjoy a specific time of Spotify Premium membership. From the table below, you can see the gift card value and how much Premium time you get with that value.

Gift Card value Spotify Premium Subscription length
 $10 USD 1 month
 $30 USD 3 months
 $60 USD 6 months

By purchasing a prepaid gift card of $10 you have one month to enjoy unlimited music streaming without any advertising bothering you, yes you can play any songs you like. You can also download up to 3,333 songs each on three different devices, so next time when you are flying, you can keep listening your favorite playlists even if you are offline or on flight mode. Say bye to boring flights!

With the $30 gift card you get the same advantages as with the $10 but your subscription period is 3 months long. And for the $60 you have a great 6 months of time to enjoy the Premium-ship. To continue the list of advantages that the Spotify Premium offers, you should also know that you get a high definition sound quality, Spotify Connect and unlimited skipping of the songs you don’t like. Spotify premium is simply worth all the pennies, unlimited listening of millions of songs for just $10/month, can it get any better?

Gift for a Music Lover

Spotify Gift Card is one of the most precious gift card options to gift for someone who loves music. A digital gift card is also good for the fact that it’s almost impossible to lose the card, because you get it as a digital code delivered straight into the email address you enter during the purchase process. Just keep that code saved in your email map or redeem it right away to make sure it’s being used.

For an evening run, during cooking, cleaning or as a party booster; from Spotify you can find thousands of playlists made for different moods and occasions! Even personalized lists for you, because Spotify gets smarter the more you listen. It will suggest you the newest and hottest hits based on your music taste. Let Spotify surprise you.

Buy your Spotify Premium through USA Prepaid and receive the code in your email within just few minutes!

How to redeem your Spotify Gift Card?

  1. Go to spotify.com/redeem
  2. Log in or create your Spotify account
  3. Enter the PIN below