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TracFone Airtime

Choose your plan or recharge card below to increase your TracFone airtime. Your TracFone product will be refilled automatically upon purchase and you will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail.

Talk, Text & Data: 60 minutes Rate per minute: 0.33 ¢ Service: 90 Days
$ 19.99 USD
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Talk, Text & Data: 120 minutes Rate per minute: 0.25 ¢ Service: 90 Days
$ 29.99 USD
Add to cart Not in stock
Talk, Text & Data: 200 minutes Rate per minute: 0.20 ¢ Service: 90 Days
$ 39.99 USD
Add to cart Not in stock
Talk, Text & Data: 450 minutes Rate per minute: 0.18 ¢ Service: 90 Days
$ 79.99 USD
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Talk, Text & Data: 400 minutes Rate per minute: 0.25 ¢ Service: 365 Days
$ 99.99 USD
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TracFone Information

TracFone is a major provider of prepaid mobile phone services. Texting, emailing, browsing social media, calling with family and friends or however you like to use it; all this is possible with TracFone airtime. You can enjoy also a nationwide coverage on the largest, most dependable networks. Select your preferred plan from the options above.

How to buy Airtime online

  1. Select the TracFone plan you would like to purchase and click the “Add to cart” button
  2. Enter your e-mail address
  3. Select payment method and enter your details to verify the payment
  4. After the transaction your TracFone airtime refill pin will be sent by e-mail

How to add TracFone Airtime

There are 3 ways to add airtime:

  1. Dial 1-800-867-7183 (free of charge) and follow the prompts. After finishing the process, TracFone will inform you about your new prepaid balance and its validity.
  2. Go to TracFone.com. Click add airtime (top right corner) and press the add card online button. Then, fill in your airtime PIN, your TracFone telephone number and, if available, a promo code. Finally, press the submit button.
  3. Turn on your TracFone and make sure you have signal. To complete your activation, follow these steps: 1. Press Menu 2. Prepaid 3. Scroll down and select Redeem Airtime.

Checking your TracFone balance

How much TracFone airtime do you have left? Don't remember? There are two ways to find out how much you have left. Call TracFone’s customer service on: 1-800-867-7183 or go to the TracFone website, and enter your phone number as well as the last four digits of your serial number on the ‘check balance’ page. TracFone will immediately inform you about your remaining airtime and its expiration date. Should you need more airtime you can choose your refill amount above.

TracFone Airtime – What am I buying?

Prepaid airtime means a simple way of staying connected whenever needed. TracFone’s airtime means that you can purchase a specific number of minutes you would like to use on different activities being available on your phone, like call, text and data.

USA Prepaid offers you various TracFone options to add airtime;

  • 60 minutes
  • 120 minutes
  • 200 minutes
  • 400 minutes
  • 450 minutes

Keeping your airtime active

The TracFone plans have the number of minutes you choose and ready defined amount of service days. Depending on the amount of airtime you purchase, you receive also a specific amount of days that your service is kept active regardless to having minutes left or not. This is called ”service days’’ and they are ranging from 90 to 365 days. This means, that TracFone keeps your account active for specific amount of days, in case if you forgot to add more airtime after you ran out of it. In this way, you won’t immediately be deactivated, which enables you to hold your current mobile phone number and your prepaid plan active until adding more airtime again. USA Prepaid offers you 4 TracFone airtime plans with 90 days service days and also one option with full 365 service days. Why should you choose TracFone airtime? Simple answer; no long-term contracts, no credit checks, no activation fees, no monthly bills and no age limits! TracFone is for everybody.

TracFone Customer Service

TracFone’s customer service is available from 8 AM to midnight (EST) 7 days a week. Should you have questions about your plan or any other prepaid subject you can contact them on: 1-800-867-7183 (free of charge). Should you have questions about our website or encounter problems when adding your airtime please do not hesitate to contact us.