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It's time to choose for prepaid phone plans!

There is no doubt that the mobile phone market is increasingly competitive. Eventually, it translates into good news for consumers, especially those who want to save their money when it comes to buying prepaid cards online.

In the United States we have seen a quite marked change in prepaid mobile telephony offers to monthly instead of annual contracts. Both Target and Walmart have agreements with prepaid service providers - such as Brightspot and Straight Talk, respectively - and these are in addition to several others that had already entered the US market, including Boost Mobile and Metro PCS.

With so many prepaid phone carriers and so many suppliers online as well as in retail stores, the price competition also increases. This gives the consumer the advantage to choose from various plans. However, as the prepaid phone plans do vary so much, the offers between one service and the other vary also with respect to Internet access, domestic and international calls, and text messages. It is even possible that your current phone does not work 100 percent with the plan you want. However, the most important thing to remember when considering a prepaid plan is to recognize your own needs and find the perfect fitting plan based on those needs.

Why choose for prepaid?

For the ones who wonder what prepaid actually means, we can shortly explain you: What prepaid means is that you pay for the service upfront. You buy a service package for a certain value and you can use it the way you like. With prepaid, you need to always recharge your service plan after it finishes or it will stop from working. Now, what are the main pros of prepaid then?

1. No unexpected costs

One of the biggest advantages of a prepaid calling bundle is that you know exactly what you spend on your text messages, call minutes and data. With a mobile subscription you can easily go over your bundle and expect a high bill the following month, while with prepaid you use exactly what you paid for. You therefore have more insight into what you spend, and you can change this more easily whenever you realize that you need more minutes or data for example.

2. Cheaper solution for little use

Mobile subscriptions quickly cost over tens of dollars a month, while with little use that is still quite a lot. A prepaid calling bundle is therefore a good solution for people who use their phone a little less. For a few dollars you can still go all month long!

3. No contracts

When agreed to a mobile subscription, you are tied to this provider for a year or two. This is not the case with a prepaid calling bundle. If you are dissatisfied with the range or pricing, you can switch faster to another plan or a provider than when tied to a subscription.

4. A different bundle every month

Prepaid calling plans have even more advantages. One of the nicest is that you can choose a different bundle every month. If you are unsatisfied or need something more, you can very easily switch to another bundle or provider because you are not tied to contracts! USA Prepaid offers for example, AT&T monthly plans, which with you can make cheap calls, send text messages and use the internet. We also offer Unlimited Lycamobile plans, where you can make unlimited calls and text. So, if you expect a month full of calling and texting - Lyca’s unlimited would be a good choice.

You can view all the available prepaid providers and plans at USAPrepaid.com. Choose the one that fits you the best! And don’t forget, you can use the USA Prepaid app for extra fast recharges in the future! Never run out of prepaid time, with USA Prepaid.