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How College Students Can Benefit From Prepaid Phone Plans

If you’re a parent sending a child to college, it may have been a long time since you were on campus yourself. You may think that calling home – especially from out of state – means you need an expensive cell phone.

Great news! College students can stay in touch with friends and family both inexpensively and conveniently with prepaid phone plans. Take a look at the many benefits a prepaid plan has for college students.

No Contracts or Credit Checks

Young people – and their parents – prize freedom and personal control. Prepaid cell phone plans give your student both.

No one is locked into a long contract. If you choose a provider and find that the service isn’t good at your student’s school, it’s simple to switch! Most prepaid cell phones can be used on a variety of plans without any concern.

Also, with prepaid phones, students are not penalized due to poor or no credit. A young person hasn’t had time to build a strong credit history, but that won’t hurt them with prepaid cell plans.

Full-Featured Phones and Data are Available

College students want all the features everyone else has. Don’t assume having a prepaid cell phone plan means having a basic phone.

In many cases, those who want just a few minutes and basic features enjoy prepaid phone plans. But so do those who want unlimited talk, text, and data! You can get a fully-featured unlimited plan using the Verizon network with PagePlus for only $69.95 per month.

No matter what level of service your college student is interested in, or what network is best for the area where your student studies, you can find a prepaid cell phone plan that’s perfect!

Prepaid Phone Plans Help Control Costs

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Whether a student needs to manage a cell phone bill along with other college costs, or a parent agrees to pay for a cell phone for their child, price is always a concern.

You are already paying very high bills for tuition, books, and expenses. Don’t let a cell phone add to your stress. Instead, choose a prepaid cell phone plan that allows you total control over the price.

One of the best things about prepaid phone plans is that they are transparent. What you’re told is what you pay. Taxes and fees are lower than other types of plans. You also don’t face overage fees or other hidden costs.

If you want a cell phone but also need to keep costs as low as possible, try a pay-as-you-go plan. Instead of paying each month regardless of phone usage, only buy the minutes you need. Don’t reload your phone until you run out.

Many times, pay-as-you-go minutes last 90 days or more. As a result, you can keep the minutes until you need them, and not pay anything until you need to reload.

When you want to make sure that your budget is under control, a prepaid plan will help. Don’t wonder what the bill will be each month. Instead, choose a predictable monthly plan or choose to pay as you go!

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Your Cell Phone Plan Doesn’t Need to be a Worry

College students have enough to think about. Don’t let a cell phone plan, unpredictable costs, or unreliable coverage be among those concerns.

Use a prepaid phone plan that’s best for the school your student attends. If it doesn’t work, they are always free to change to a different one. Either way, you’ll know exactly what you’ve signed up for. Use a monthly plan or get prepaid phone cards to reload a pay-as-you-go arrangement.

Either way, college students will love the service, features, and low prices available with prepaid cell phone plans!

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