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Everyday Is Savings Day with USA Prepaid

Are you tired of paying $75, $100, or more each month just for the privilege of having a cell phone? No matter how much you do or don’t use it, the monthly fee does not stop coming. If you think paying that monthly fee and signing new contracts every year is simply the way things are done, we have great news for you. You don’t have to do that anymore.

You can save thousands by using a prepaid cell phone with TracFone minutes or prepaid plans from other carriers. No contracts, no monthly commitment. Just buy more when you need it.

Save Money by Skipping Contracts

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Cell phone contracts always seem like the easier plan. If you simply sign on the dotted line and keep the service for two years, you can get a discount on a phone, a freebie, or some other benefit. Hey, with a contract you can get an iPhone for $200 instead of $650 - great, right?

Unfortunately not.

Contracts don’t save you money at all. You aren’t saving $450; you’re paying that difference and more through the high monthly fees that you are locked into for two or more years.

What about a family plan? Surely those are useful?

Again, no. Everyone’s contract has different end dates, making it really difficult to jump ship. Contracts mean you don’t have the option to shop around. Which in turn costs you thousands a year.

Plus, some providers have phones that only work on their network, and you can’t take them to other providers. Even if they offer “no contract,” you’re locked into their service just because of the phone.

It’s time to skip the contracts and dedicated phone plans and discover how great a deal you can get with TracFone.

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How Much Do You Really Use?

If you’ve looked carefully at your cell phone bill, you’ve probably seen that most months you don’t get anywhere near your limits. However, due to the threat of overage fees, many customers keep that limit high just in case. Keep in mind how much this “just in case” mentality could cost you on your bill.

You may have also noticed that many providers don’t give you much of a break if you want to lower your limits. You may be tricked into believing that cutting back doesn’t save much money.

It certainly won’t with the mainstream providers, but if you choose a pay-as-you-go TracFone, you’re in charge. You only buy the minutes you need while unused text, talk, and data never expire so long as you keep your TracFone active. If you have a couple of months where you use your phone less, you’ll save a lot of money, and you won’t have to worry.

Why keep throwing money away “just in case?” Take back control with a prepaid phone. If you need extra minutes in a particular month, buy them. If not, keep your money for something even more fun.

Over time, when you only pay for what you truly need, you’ll be shocked at how much you save. Take the first step to freedom today. Stop paying for what you don’t need, and choose TracFone instead!

Get the Coverage You Deserve

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There’s a misconception that prepaid phones have poor coverage or slow speeds. In fact, TracFone has the same 4G LTE coverage you can get from contract-based major carriers.

The difference isn’t in coverage or service; it’s in the cost. With a TracFone, you don’t have contracts or extra costs. You get service on the same dependable networks as everyone else, but you only pay for what you want and need!

Refill TracFone Minutes

Get the Data You Need

Some people think that prepaid phones are only for older folks and those who don’t like technology. The truth is you can have everything with a TracFone that you would have with other, more expensive plans.

TracFone supports everything from smartphones to basic devices through the brand name carriers you know and trust. With prepaid phone plans, it’s BYOP; you can bring your own smartphone and still enjoy nationwide 4G LTE coverage.

When you have a phone with all the features you need, it’s an easy step to buy prepaid data as well. For instance, USA Prepaid offers 1GB of data for a low price, and it never expires. USA Prepaid makes it even easier with the option to buy straight from their app, now available on iOS and Android. Just reload whenever you’re ready.

There’s no reason to let data stop you from saving money with a prepaid phone plan.

Too many Americans are trapped in high-cost phone contracts where they pay monthly whether they use their phone or not. You don’t have to be one of them. When you use prepaid TracFone minutes and data, you can break free. Keep your hard-earned cash and spend it on something you truly need!

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