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Six Benefits of Prepaid Plans

If you’re looking at your cell phone and wondering how you can reduce your bill, you’re not alone. Many people have been reevaluating their phone plans and making changes to better fit their budget and lifestyle.

Whether you’re researching Lycamobile plans or are interested in other types of prepaid plans, it’s helpful to fully understand the benefits. Here are six reasons many people choose prepaid over conventional cell phone plans.


Many people are simply tired of being locked into contracts, especially for years at a time. They value the fact that with a prepaid plan, they can change anytime.

This doesn’t always mean changing carriers - sometimes you just need a different plan from month to month. Are you traveling and need extra data for maps one month, but are home the rest of the year? Prepaid adapts with you.


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Along with freedom, prepaid phone plans give you the control to choose exactly what you need when you need it.

If your child is begging for a phone but you don’t want them to have access to the whole world in their hand, we get it! Choose a plan with the minutes and data you’re comfortable with - or don’t get them a smart plan at all. Just having minutes available for an emergency may be all they need.

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Prepaid Supports Occasional Use

Are you someone who isn’t attached to your cell phone 24/7? If you’re an occasional cell phone user, prepaid plans can be perfect for you.

With a traditional plan, you pay the same no matter how much you use. That’s not fair to you. Instead, choose a plan where you can roll minutes over into the next month if you don’t use them.

You’ll want to be careful to choose a plan with a long period before minutes expire. Many plans have minutes that last 30 days, but if you buy larger packages they can last 90 or even 365 days.

You Can Use a Phone Short Term

Have you ever left on vacation and left your phone behind by accident? Or have you been traveling and dropped your phone and broken it? Don’t panic - choose prepaid.

A prepaid phone can be an inexpensive way to grab a phone, some minutes, and some data. Finish your trip in style with the phone you need. When you get home, return to your usual phone and plan.

Of course, you may find that you really enjoyed your prepaid experience. There’s nothing wrong with choosing to switch!

Use Prepaid to Test a Network

Are you curious how a cell phone provider performs in your area, but you don’t want to take the full leap? That’s smart. Instead, use a prepaid phone to test the network in your area before you commit.

Whether it’s AT&T or Lycamobile, getting a prepaid phone and plan allows you to test the waters. You’ll discover if your home is a “dead zone” for that network, or if the coverage is spotty away from the city.

Once you’ve tested the network, you’ll have a much better idea whether you want to commit or keep looking around.

Avoid the Credit Check

If you have poor or no credit, you’ll find it difficult to get approved for a traditional phone plan. That’s alright, you have other options. With prepaid, you can skip credit checks and contracts and still have the phone you need.

This is especially helpful for young adults and students. You can have a full-featured phone with everything you would have on a traditional plan, without having to submit to jumping through hoops.

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No matter what your situation is, a prepaid cell phone plan can help. Whether you need a phone for your child, you want to roll unused minutes to next month without paying extra, or you lose your phone while traveling, prepaid is the answer you need.

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