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Switching Carriers Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Have you been with your current carrier for a long time?

Are you worried that if you switch you’ll lose benefits, or end up stuck with terrible coverage or slow data?

We get it. A lot of people think that switching carriers is scary. They don’t like what they currently have, but they’re afraid to jump to another provider. They think they’ll get stuck with something worse.

Good news! You can change carriers safely – even “test drive” them – using prepaid plans and products like a T Mobile refill. If you don’t like your experience, there’s no contract or penalty – you can change any time!

Gain the Freedom of No-Contract Prepaid

One of the reasons switching carriers can seem so scary is that there are contracts and early termination fees to deal with. It can seem like an incredible hassle to get out of the net.

The good news is that with prepaid, you have complete freedom. You can change to a carrier, decide they don’t do what you need and change again next month. Because prepaid is always no-contract and month-to-month, you never have to worry.

You also gain the freedom of keeping personal information to yourself. Unlike traditional carriers, prepaid plans don’t require a credit check to get started. You simply make a payment and get the minutes and data you paid for.

You can even skip monthly fees entirely by choosing a pay-as-you-go plan. It’s perfect for occasional users, and you only spend money when you run out of minutes or data and need more.

Save Money with a Prepaid Phone Plan

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One of the biggest benefits of moving to prepaid is the amount of money you save. With a traditional plan, the terms can change often. With those changes come updated pricing and additional fees you may not expect.

It’s really frustrating when you choose a plan only to discover that the real price is $10 to $15 higher than you agreed to. These additional charges come from fees and taxes that are added in each month.

With a prepaid phone plan, what you see is what you get. You don’t pay additional fees or charges. You know exactly what you’re getting into.

Another way you save money with prepaid is by avoiding overage fees. When you go over your data cap on a traditional plan, you can be hit with extremely high fees. If you go over your minutes or text message limit, a per-unit cost will be charged for each minute or text afterward.

Not so with prepaid. You simply don’t have minutes or texts available until you buy a refill – which is at a clearly listed, reasonable price. If you go over your data limit, you will experience slower speeds, not a huge bill in the mail.

When you look at it from this perspective, staying with your current carrier is scarier than switching!

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You’ll Get the Same Great Coverage and Quality

The final thing that holds a lot of people back when it comes to prepaid phone plans is quality. Will you be able to use your current full-featured phone? Will you struggle with poor coverage, slow data, or dropped calls?

The good news is that most prepaid phone plans use the same high-speed networks as traditional carriers. In fact, many prepaid phone options are offered directly from the big-name companies, such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

Even when you’re using a smaller carrier’s plan, they generally lease space on the same networks the big companies use. As a result, you’re getting exactly the same service as a traditional plan – you’re just paying less for it.

And you can definitely use new, full-featured phones with prepaid plans, although you certainly don’t have to. While traditional carriers stop offering and supporting older phones after a couple of years, with prepaid you can choose from a variety of affordable or high-end phones.

In many cases, you can bring your current phone with you to the new prepaid plan as well. And remember, if you’re not happy with what you’re receiving, you can choose a new plan or carrier the next month with no penalty.

Switching to Prepaid is Easy!

Don’t be afraid to switch from your current plan to a prepaid plan. You have nothing to lose! There’s no contract, no credit check, and complete freedom to choose a new carrier every time you renew. Ready to test a T Mobile refill this month? Go for it!

We’d love to help you experience the freedom and savings of prepaid phones. Contact us today for more information!

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