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Gifts for The Mobile Gamer In Your Life

Do you know a gamer that just can’t put down the game controller unless life itself – or perhaps supper – is at stake?

If so, you have one of the easiest gift-giving jobs on the planet. As it turns out, video game gift cards are available in a huge variety of brands and types. No matter how much you can afford or what system your gamer loves, you’ll find one that matches your needs.

Discover what gifts are available for your mobile gamer today!

Karma Koin

Karma Koin is a great way to give your mobile gamer access to a ton of online games with one gift card. You can purchase the cards quickly and easily online. Then, simply enter the code at the online merchant where you wish to spend the credit.

  • RIFT
  • World of Tanks
  • MapleStory
  • Dungeon Fighter Online
  • ArcheAge
  • Digimon Masters
  • And many, many more!

The credits can also be used to buy music on Liquid Spins and Musicshake, in case your gamer is building the perfect soundtrack for their adventures.

Karma Koin continues to grow and give access to more and more games over time, so it’s a great gift for your gamer!

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World of Warcraft

Buy Video Game Gift Cards

World of Warcraft is one of the longest-running popular MMPOGs (Massive Multi-Player Online Game) in the world. A gift card can be used to purchase game time if your gamer prefers to not have a subscription. The gift of 60 days of play will make their day – actually, it will make their next two months!

Don’t miss this chance to give your favorite gamer the gift of access to WoW. With weekly bonus events available now, and a new expansion coming out in August, there’s no end to the fun.

Buy World of Warcraft Gift Cards Buy Video Game Gift Cards

League of Legends

There are some gamers who want something different than WoW, and they find it in League of Legends. LoL may have more players than WoW, but it’s a completely different game.

In League, you’re playing a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), where the goal is to have multiplayer teams fight each other. If you want to get a group of friends together and fight others to win points, gear, and more, LoL is your game.

The gift cards for LoL can help your gamer in a variety of ways. The credits can be used for Riot Points that allow players to use champions, change character skins, and unlock premium content. This can help their team win the day!

Buy League of Legends Gift Cards

Great Gift for Gamers Are Simple

It’s not hard to find the perfect gift for the gamers in your life. By getting them a gift card they can use for their favorite games, they’ll be able to continue their fun because of you!

Video game gift cards are the perfect gift for any gamer you know. Oh, that and snacks. Never forget the snacks.

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