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Fact or Faux - The Real and Fake in Prepaid Phone Plans

When someone says, “prepaid phones,” what comes to mind? Unfortunately, many people think of things that aren’t true. Misconceptions have been shared repeatedly and even encouraged by cell phone companies. They don’t want you to realize how simple it is to use a T Mobile refill instead of paying their monthly fees.

Kids and Cell Phones

Many times, your school-aged child will simply want a phone in order to keep up with the “cool kids,” and have access to social media and texting their friends nonstop. However, there are more beneficial reasons as to why you should let your child use a cell phone.

Younger children can use a phone in case of emergencies, especially in school, where you don’t have easy access to them. It’s also helpful for you to be able to reach them and find out where they are as teens get older. Pre-teens are generally interested in texting and messaging to keep up with friends and family, whereas teens and older kids will want access to social media and online outlets that use data.

Rumor: Prepaid cell phones have terrible customer service.
Truth: Getting help is simple with various online and offline options.

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If you’ve ever tried to get help from your cell phone carrier, you know it can be a marathon. You may call them only to discover that you need to visit the store or jump through other hoops. Getting errors corrected can be a nightmare - and the whole time, you’re still paying your monthly fee.

On the other hand, getting help from a company like USA Prepaid is simple. You can access online help articles, email customer service, or call. Because the transactions are simple, there are not as many things that can go wrong. And you don’t pay an ongoing fee while issues are being resolved.

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Rumor: You get the best deals through traditional carriers.
Truth: You save money and gain flexibility with prepaid phone options.

Traditional carriers will try to tell you that you can only get the best phones and data plans with a traditional monthly contract. That isn’t the case. You can use high-quality smartphones on a prepaid plan, which allows you to buy data and minutes as you need them. No more overage fees, and no more paying for what you don’t use.

You save a lot of money by avoiding the contracts, monthly phone fees, and more. Instead, you have the flexibility to choose how you want to use your mobile phone. Do you want a calls-only emergency phone to carry without breaking the bank? Done! Would you prefer a fully-featured smartphone with data amounts you choose? Perfect. You can chart your own path.

Rumor: Prepaid phone plans are lower quality than traditional plans.
Truth: Prepaid plans use the same towers and provide the same benefits.

Prepaid phone plans are often available from the same carriers that provide traditional cell phone plans. The towers they use are the same, and the benefits are as well. You simply buy the minutes and data in increments that work for you, rather than being locked into a recurring rate.

Most carriers no longer subsidize your phone in order to lock you into a two-year contract. Instead, you pay the full price for the phone, broken into payments that are added to your monthly bill. So you’re paying full price for a new phone and you’re stuck with a recurring payment you may not need!

Instead, choose the phone you want and then connect it to a prepaid network. You can get all the same benefits, the same tower coverage, and more. The only difference is you get to choose when you buy minutes and data, instead of letting the cell phone company decide for you. If you have a month you don’t need as much, don’t pay it. If you need more, avoid overage fees and simply buy an additional refill.

Rumor: The carrier representative will give me an honest recommendation.
Truth: Carrier plans are constantly updated to benefit the company. Nothing is more transparent than pay-as-you-go pricing.

It’s normal to want to trust others, especially when they are sitting in front of you at a cell phone provider’s store. However, even face-to-face, the carrier representative will focus on offering you a plan that benefits the company.

Trying to understand a traditional carrier’s multiple plans is difficult enough, but they get changed every few months. Every time you contact your phone provider, they will try to “upgrade” you to the latest plan. Of course, every switch has prorated billing and fees.

Skip the nonsense and focus on the transparency and honesty of a prepaid plan. Everything is laid out on the USA Prepaid website, with no confusion or constant changes. There’s no question about how much a T Mobile refill will cost. It’s clearly laid out, along with the expiration and other important information. Don’t let the cell phone companies rob you blind. Switch to a prepaid phone plan today.

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