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Provider Spotlight: Virgin Mobile

There are a variety of prepaid providers available, and understanding how each one runs is important if you want to choose the best plan. Virgin Mobile prepaid is perfect for iPhone lovers, and getting an online prepaid refill makes the process even easier!

Why Choose Virgin Mobile?

Virgin Mobile is owned by Sprint and operates on Sprint’s cell phone networks. If Sprint has great coverage in your area, you’ll be happy with the access you get through Virgin Mobile.

Virgin Mobile will continue to sell and support Android phones on their prepaid plan through the fall of 2018. After that time they will be exclusively an iPhone service provider. As a result, if you are devoted to your iPhone, Virgin Mobile is the perfect choice for you.

Virgin Mobile Pricing

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With three simple plans, Virgin Mobile pricing is streamlined and easy to understand. All plans include unlimited talk and text in the U.S. with a 30 day service period.

In addition to the unlimited talk and text, the plans offer:

  • $35 for 5 GB high-speed data (2G afterward), and unlimited music streaming
  • $45 for 10GB high-speed data (2G afterward), and unlimited music streaming
  • $60 for unlimited high-speed data and unlimited mobile-optimized streaming videos and music

There are also add-ons such as additional data packs and international calling options. These include:


  • $5 for 30 days of 1GB additional high-speed data
  • $10 for 30 days of 2GB additional high-speed data


  • $3 for 1 day of making your phone an internet hotspot, up to 500 MB
  • $5 for 30 days access to 1GB data hotspot
  • $10 for 30 days access to 2GB data hotspot

International Calling

  • $5 a month for unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada and unlimited worldwide texting
  • $10 a month for the $5 bundle plus unlimited landline calls to over 70 countries, 200 minutes to call select mobile numbers in over 200 countries, and reduced per-minute rates to call over 200 countries

Get Started With Virgin Mobile Today!

Virgin Mobile is a fantastic prepaid carrier for those with iPhones who love to use data. The unlimited data plans are affordable and offer excellent coverage from the Sprint network. If you’re interested in unlimited music streaming, unlimited mobile-optimized video, and more, you’ve found your provider!

It’s easy to get an online prepaid refill any time you need it through USA Prepaid. When you refill your Virgin Mobile prepaid plan, the refill is loaded immediately upon purchase, and you’ll receive a confirmation email. There are no extra steps or activation PINs!

There’s no reason to wait – get started with Virgin Mobile today!

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